I See Fire

I ADORE this song!

Retro anal…

Retro anal…

Love this one….lost in the pleasure of the moment.

Love this one….lost in the pleasure of the moment.

Very hot anal pics on your blog today....you must have an urge for some nasty anal play. Me too. The thought of slowly sinking myself into your ass has gotten me most aroused. What sort of anal play turns you on most? I'm betting all kinds.


Sounds very very hot and erotic. You are correct that I enjoy most anal play, my ass creates such intense and amazing sensations, love it! And rimming….delicious!

I blog this every time I see it because it’s hot as hell as long as you suspend your knowledge of how to have great anal sex!

Lounging …

Mmmmm me too! Gorgeous head perfect for sucking and nice full balls. Rawr!

I certainly concurr with your other readers who find themselves with a powerful urge to stroke themselves while viewing your blog. Many a time I have experienced the same, one moment checking out your new blog submissions and the next moment my hand is tightly gripped around my suddenly needy, hard, pre-cum dripping cock. Thanks for all that intense sexual energy you have provided me. Love it, my cock and I anxiously await for more. RAWR!


Mmmmm you guys are sure making me smile this morning (among other hot and swollen reactions). I love providing pleasure in any way I can and what I have to give, I do. this blog is my little escape and I’m so happy others are enjoying it. Hoping to have some more writing and personal material too. Any suggestions, let me know. Until then, keep it hard or wet and feel free to share anytime! MUAH!!

I love unwrapping the presents you bring me, they are always so delicious and full to overflowing!

I love unwrapping the presents you bring me, they are always so delicious and full to overflowing!

Warning, Warning! Urge Alert, Urge Alert!

I received two messages recently commenting on my blog inducing uncontrollable urges to stroke and pleasure. I found both these messages terribly exciting and will honestly admit to smiling and “swelling” at the thought. The following is an excerpt:


I know I’ve told you before that I enjoy your Tumblr page, but I just wanted to pass along a suggestion that you may have to start posting a warning message to any visitors letting them know that it is the result of a sexy mind and that they won’t be able to help but be drawn in once they take a peek.

I woke up all set to be responsible and get to some errands that I have to do, but figured I had a few minutes and hadn’t visited your page in some time so would drop by for a quick peek. Well it wasn’t long before I felt a tightening in my pants as scrolling down the images and captions had my cock hard and rubbing against my underwear.

Before I knew it instead of taking care of my needed chores another five minutes had passed and I was now rubbing myself through my pants, and could feel myself starting to leak precum. Not wanting to mess up my underwear it seemed the only responsible thing to do was to lower my pants.

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I'm curious about something.... How is it your page makes me jerk off daily?

Mmmm very good to know! The reason, my sexy friend, is that with every picture you visualize my love of pleasure and how it would feel if it were being done to you. You instinctively know that if presented with your hardness, I would be drawing the cum from your balls over and over until they echoed. Knowing this makes your body react physically to the craving that is always inside you. To this I say, touch yourself and think of how I would feel wrapped around you…RAWR!

Cause I’m a Whovian!